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Kids Ministry Coloring Pages

I have a particular vendetta against culturally inconsiderate illustrations of Biblical events. You know what I'm talking about, drawings and art of events that happened thousands of years ago in the Near East, yet with what appears to be Swedish hair models in bathrobes. The more I study into the ancient cultures recorded in Biblical Narrative, you can bet I'll probably be redrawing some of these! That said, these are all free to download and use for your kids ministry. I will always be adding to them, but if there is something you would like to see added here, send me a message!

It is a joy to see some of the pages being used, click here to see some of the colored pages!

You may notice that some of the pages do not include any scripture or headings so you can easily add in whatever you need to make it work for your church!

There are also a set of coloring pages that are just for fun!

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