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About Andrew

I am a creative at heart who lives to serve God. I have a wonderful family made up of an incredibly adventurous wife - a woman fiercely dedicated to the Lord, and two kiddos who fit right into the rhythm of our life together. 

I grew up in Maryland, completed college in Wisconsin, seminary in Pennsylvania where God led me to the love of my life, then moved to Thailand for over a year before landing in Virginia.

I am an artist, specializing in illustration and graphic design. One specialty is creating art for biblical purposes that actually reflect the people and cultures of those epochs and locations. The ancient world was a rich, diverse and colorful time and place - unfortunately most biblical illustration does not reflect this world, but reflects a medieval European tradition. I hope to give a window into some of the richness you find in those ancient near eastern cultures and times.

I am a musician, playing a variety of stringed instruments including piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, and on and on.

I am a living historian, starting into the world of reenacting, researching both genealogy and local history and offer a unique perspective on the French and Indian - American Revolution eras.

I am a thinker - theologian - pastor, with my thoughts and study featured in the blog housed here. I love languages, especially Biblical languages, and am excited to share some of what I learn.

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